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Explore the Possibilities


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 The PSAT test will be given on October __ at the high school.  25 seats are available.  Cost is $14 per student.  Homeschooled students are welcome to attend.

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) requires each local education agency (LEA) to publicly report progress of the LEA and its campuses toward meeting the highly qualified teacher requirements. For more information regarding the NCLB highly qualified teacher report, please access the NCLB highly qualified web site.  100% of Cushing ISD's teachers are rated as highly qualified.  Generate a Highly Qualified Teacher report for your child's campus.

Cushing ISD offers a variety of opportunities for students to take rigorous academic coursework.  Pre-AP Literature, Pre-AP English and Pre-AP Math are currently being offered at the junior high and Pre-AP English, AP English, Pre-AP Chemistry, AP Chemistry and AP Biology at the high school, with more advanced classes planned for the future.


Off-campus dual credit classes, (Concurrent Enrollment) where students earn both college and high school credit, are offered through Stephen F. Austin State University and Tyler Jr. College.  Please contact the high school counselor for more information.


Cushing High School students have the opportunity to enroll in online dual credit courses through the Texas Virtual School Network.  Visit the TxVSN site to learn more.


Credit-by-exam courses are offered through UT Austin for high school students who wish to receive high school credit without prior instruction .  Examination for Acceleration for junior high and elementary students who wish to advance a grade level is administered through Region VII ESC.
Career & Technology

Cushing ISD also offers a variety of opportunities for students to enroll in Career and Technology courses. CTE provides opportunities for all students to acquire the necessary academic and technical skills needed for entry into a high-skill, high-wage, high-demand, global workforce and/or for continuing their education at the post-secondary level.  CTE courses include Agriculture, Business, Technology and Family & Consumer Science/Homemaking.


Public Notification of Non-Discrimination in Career & Technology Education Programs
Notificación pública del nondiscrimination en programas de la educación de la carrera y de la tecnología